Basketball goal installation


Some Assembly Required assembles all brands of portable basketball goals and can also fill the base up with either water or sand.



All goals are built to manufacturer specifications. In-Ground Basketball goals generally take 2 to 5 days to complete depending on the type of goal, its size and weather.

Concrete cut out services and dirt removal is available. 

If you have a Basketball Goal already we can break down, move, and reassemble your goal in another location.

Basketball Goal frequently asked questions

How much does a Basketball Goal assembly cost?

Pricing depends on the type, size, and extra services added to the total service. We charge by the piece not the hour. Pricing examples Retail price of a portable basketball goal is 399.00 assembly is 100.00 Retail price of a inground Basketball Goal is 1000.00 assembly is 300.00 To get exact pricing give us a call or fill out the info sheet at the bottom of the page for a quote.

What should I do before installation?

If you have a portable goal decide if you want the base to be filled with water or sand. If using water purchase a gallon of environmentally safe anti-freeze for the base. If using sand purchase the amount of sand required for your particular goal. If you have an in-ground goal decide on a location for your goal, then call the utility company to mark the location of any lines underground (utility companies do not mark for sprinkler lines.

What general task must be completed before the Technician(s) arrive?

Ensure all debris is removed from the area ( Toys, pet waste, etc). Please arrange for Children and pets to be in a seperate area during the entire installation process Ensure access to electric power outlet that is working properly within 200' of the assembly area.

Can you put a in-ground Basketball Goal in the driveway?

Yes, for an extra charge we can cut out a section of your driveway. Call us for details. Ex. Most cut-outs will be an extra charge of 250.00

Do you remove the dirt from my property?

Dirt is placed in a location of choice on the customers property. We can haul away the dirt for an extra charge of 50.00

What if a technician cuts my sprinkler line?

Technicians will do their best to locate the sprinkler line before digging. Because sprinkler lines cannot be located by the utility company Some Assembly Required will not be responsible for accidentally cutting a sprinkler line.

How long will it take to install my Basketball goal?

There are different variables that affect how long the installation will be. Most in-ground Basketball goals are completed in 3 days, but the size, weather, etc can affect the time it takes to complete. In-Ground goals are installed in a two day process. The first day we dig the hole and pour the cement. Next we let the cement cure. The second day we install the rest of the goal and it is ready to play on once were finished. We will give you an estimate of the time it will take for your particular Goal at the time of scheduling.