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Need home delivery service?  Some Assembly Required provides Delivery and Delivery /Assembly for your home or office. We can deliver many  products including but not limited to Safes, Game Tables, Furniture, Grills, Fitness Equipment and more.

In-Store Delivery

In-Store delivery is for Customers that have merchandise that is assembled in our store and may may need help getting it home. Click the In-Store link to see what products we can assemble and deliver from our store.


In-Home Delivery

In-Home delivery is for customers that have purchased merchandise from a retail location and need help with the pickup and delivery of the item. Click the In-Home link to see what products we can assemble and deliver to your home.


Moving/Relocation Services are for customers that have products that are already assembled and need to be dis-assembled, moved and re-assembled in another location(room or another property).

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