Play set/Swingset Assembly

You have a life and we want you to live it. Some Assembly Required has professional technicians that  can deliver and  install your play set for you. We also refurbish, water seal, haul away and recycle your old play set.


Are you moving? We can also break down, move, and reassemble your used play set.

Playset frequently asked questions

How much does Play set assembly cost?

Pricing depends on the type, size, and extra services added to the service. We charge by the piece not the hour. Pricing examples Retail price of the play set is 399.00 assembly is 150.00 Retail price of the play set is 1299.00 assembly is 450.00 To get exact pricing give us a call or fill out the info sheet at the bottom of the page for a quote.

How should I prepare my yard for Playset/Swingset installation?

Level installation area within 1" over a ten foot area and 2" over a twenty foot area. Ensure a clearance area around the play set of at least 6ft in all are Ensure you are not planning to position the play set over any spinkler heads. Ensure there are no overhead obstacles within 6' of the top of the playset (power lines, roofs, trees, etc.) Installation of any play surface products (sand, mulch, rocks, etc.) should be done Only after play set installation is completed.

What general task must be completed before the Technician(s) arrive?

Ensure all debris is removed from the area ( Toys, pet waste, etc). Please arrange for Children and pets to be in a seperate area during the entire installation process Ensure access to electric power outlet that is working properly within 200' of the assembly area.

What if I can't level my yard?

We offer leveling of your yard for an extra charge. The charge will depend on how un-level the yard is. Call us for details. Ex. Most play sets leveling charge of 50.00

When should I seal my play set?

You should seal it after the installation is complete. Follow manufacturer recommendations on sealing your product.

Can Some Assembly Required seal my play set?

Yes, We follow the manufacturer recommendations for sealing your product. We also have yearly maintainence plans to keep your playset looking good for years to come.

How long will my play set take to assemble?

There are different variables that affect how long the installation will be. Most playsets are completed within two days, but the size, leveling, weather, etc can affect the time it takes to assemble. We will give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the job for your particular play set at the time of scheduling.