How It Works


What do you need assembled?

Before purchasing your merchandise from an  on-line retailer or website, Choose from a variety of products on our site that we install in our store. 


Ship it to us.

After selecting from our list of products to be assembled place our address in the shipping details portion of  the on-line retailers website.

Enjoy your free time

Just like that, your merchandise arrives at our store,and we assemble it for you. When we're finished assembling your merchandise you can either pick it up or we can deliver it out to you. Payment will happen seamlessly and securely at the time you receive your merchandise back.

In-Store Items that we assemble

In-Store frequently asked questions

Why are their limited products for assembly in your In-Store section?

Not all items once assembled will fit through a standard doorway. So we limit the In-Store products that we assemble to items that will fit through a standard doorway and items that typically stay outside once assembled. We are continually adding items to our In-Store category. If the item can't be assembled in our Store we can still assemble most items through our In-Home services

How do I pay for Services?

Once you receive your merchandise back. We will take a Check or Credit Card for payment of the services at that time.

How long will it take to assemble my merchandise?

In-Store items are available for pickup or delivery within 72 hours after we recieve your merchandise. We will notify you once your item is ready.

How do I send my Merchandise to Some Assembly Required?

Before you purchase your merchandise place our address in the ship-to details of the on-line retailers purchasing form. Once the item has shipped you may track your package as usual. When the package arrives we will notify you as well as you online retailer.

How long do I have to pick up my Merchandise?

Merchandise must be picked up within 3 business days from the time you are notified of your products completion. 5.00 a day will be added to the price if it is picked up after that time.