How It Works


Let us know what you need assembled?

 Have some new merchandise you need assembled? We provide professional assembly,delivery, or repair services in your home or place of business. Regardless of where you purchased your items we can put it together for you. Give us a call or email us for questions or to schedule assembly and or delivery.

Need pickup and delivery?

Don,t have a way to get your merchandise home? We can pick up your merchandise from the retailer and deliver it to you.


Enjoy your free time

Just like that, you can enjoy your newly assembled merchandise and the installation is backed by a 30 day limited warranty.

In-Home frequently asked questions

Will I receieve a call before my technician arrives?

Yes. you will be notified 30-60 minutes before your scheduled time.

What can I expect with assembly/delivery service?

Our technicians will assemble your merchandise in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and will consolidate all of the packaging materials, and discarding them where you would like us to on your property.

What general task should be completed before the technician arrives?

Ensure all debris is removed from the area prior to the arrival of the Technician(s). Ex. boxes, trash, pet waste. Ensure there is ample space to un-package and assemble the unit. Please Arrange for Children and pets to be in a seperate area during the entire installation process for their safety. Ensure access to an electric power outlet that is working properly within 200 ft of the assembly area.

Will the technician take the packaging?

The technician will dispose of all packaging to your receptical unless the customer purchases the white glove service.

What is White Glove Service

Our technicians will remove all packaging from your property (Boxes, Pallets, etc.)